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The Ogden Astronomical Society




  • The club owns an eighteen inch Dobsonian telescope that is available to members who have been checked out on its use. BOB ("Big Ogden Bucket") is a special telescope in several respects, not the least of which is that one of its original builders was John Dobson who is world famous for inventing the "Dobsonian mount".
  • The club also owns a 10" Dobsonian telescope that is 'go-to' equipped.
  • A very nice pair of binoculars with a spiffy parallelogram mount is very useful for sharing with children.
  • Our newest addition is a celestron C-4 ( 102 mm ) refractor telescope.it will be used to piggy back our 40 mm coronado solar scope. the EQ mount will have a dual axis drive motors for tracking.

Current Lunar Phase

Welcome to OAS!

What is OAS? Are you curious about your Universe? Do you want to explore the heavens? Have you ever been a star gazer? The members of the Ogden Astronomical Society extend an invitation to you to join our local astronomy club.

Officers: 2006/2007
President: Mike Klein   801-390-0823
Vice President: Dustin Klein   801-309-1233
Secretary: David Dunn  801-544-7705
Treasurer: Doug Say  801-731-7324

Please visit the OTT PLANETARIUM web site on the link at the top of this page. THANK YOU DR.STACY PALEN for all you do for the Ogden Astronomical Society. THE STARDUST LIMITED EDITION COINS ARE HERE !! CONTACT MIKE @801-390-0823 EMAIL@VACMAN84015@YAHOO.COM


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